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List Online Now

Limited Service Sales

If you want to sell your property using our flat-fee limited-service model please create an account below, select your service, and input your property details.  Jan Cenci, who handles our limited-service listings, will contact you once you have finished the listing process.  

Your listing meeting will be scheduled after you complete and activate the listing on our website and return the completed disclosures. This normally takes a day or two, so please time your activation accordingly.

Feel free to call Jan with any questions regarding listing timing.

Full Service Sales

If you want to sell your property using our full service sales model you can contact one of our agents in your area or complete the form below; an MDT agent will contact you within 24 hours.


I could not be more pleased with my experience at My Dog Tess. My agent, Jan Cenci, was everything I could have asked for in an agent. She was prompt, informative, kind, and always a great communicator. She made herself very accessible. And, thanks to Jan & MDT, I was able to save thousands of dollars when I decided to use an agent to sell my home. I simply cannot recommend this service enough.