Tess Results - Did You Know?

Did you know?  My Dog Tess has been in business longer than the majority of firms and agents in the Triangle.  We were the first firm of our kind in the Triangle and most agents have never known a market without us. 

Did you know? My Dog Tess has handled 1,758 seller transactions (through January of 2017) and saved sellers over $15.0 million. 

Did you know? My Dog Tess has handled 1,002 buyer transactions (as of January 2017) and returned over $2.7 million to buyer clients. 

Did you know? - Counter party real estate firms to the 2,760 closed My Dog Tess transactions include all the familiar real estate firms in the triangle. Click below to see which firms we deal with most often.

Did you know? My Dog Tess has consistently ranked in the top tier of real estate firms (based on number of closed transactions) since 2006.

Did you Know?  MDT agent Jan Cenci has consistently ranked among the top agents in the Triangle (based on number closed transactions) since 2010.

Did you know? - My Dog Tess founder, Glenn Wallace, saw the real estate bubble coming. Listen to him debate the Executive Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Realtors on the State of Things at the link below.  This broadcast is from 2005 so the issues discussed have been resolved, but it's a good primer on the industry and the commission structure in the industry.  To hear the discussion of the bubble that was forming at the time go to minute 37:08.


I always tell my family and friends that they should not consider anything other than the MDT team for their next home buying/selling endeavor.