Origins of the Name

My name is Glenn Wallace. Before selling the first home I ever owned, I never had any particular interest in the residential real estate industry. After the experience of selling that property, I jokingly told my wife that if our dog, Tess, had access to the Multiple Listing Service, she could have sold the home.

Obviously, that statement was an exaggeration; Realtors provide valuable market insight and advice to their customers. However, I felt strongly that the fee structure for Realtors was too high. I felt that the average agent was unable to articulate his or her value when commissions were stated in actual dollar amounts instead of percentages.  

Already licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, I decided to obtain my real estate license and offer an alternative to standard real estate industry prices. I vowed to introduce Tess and the idea of deeply discounted real estate commissions to smart consumers in North Carolina who, like me, wanted to save money on real estate commissions.

To hear a detailed  retelling of the founding of the firm and a discussion of the commission structure in the industry you can listen to me debate the Executive Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Realtors on the State of Things on NPR in our "Tess Results - Did You Know" page.

Take a look at our site. Read about the traditional real estate industry, the success our clients have experienced, and the services and programs we offer. I think you'll agree that My Dog Tess is a New Breed of Realtor.

Glenn Wallace
CPA License 22338
NC Real Estate Broker License 198303


Thank you - - because of your reduced listing price and the commission savings, we were able to competitively market our home at a lower sales price which in turn enabled our home to sell quickly. We are very grateful for this.